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Give Back

I believe that we are truly blessed and privileged to be living here in the United States. I also believe that we are blessed not so we can revel in luxury, but so that we may bless others who are less fortunate. 

Give Amore is a ministry service lead by my friend Christa. Give Amore provides clean water wells, adult skills education, and orphaned child sponsorship in remote villages of western Kenya. The average adult in that area earns just over $1 per day and most people in the area eat only one meal per day. Most children do not own shoes and nearly everyone lives in mud huts without electricity or any running water. Adults (usually the women) have to travel sometimes three to four miles round trip to the nearest creek/stream to retrieve water that is not only dirty, but often contaminated.

Through this program, Fried Bananas supports a little girl named Sylvia who is not only an orphan, but has been diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia. In addition to a standard sponsorship, we also cover the costs of her medication. You can read more about Sylvia here:

I encourage you to learn more about Give Amore and their opportunities for YOU to give back! Please visit their about page: